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hookah (Hindustaniहुक़्क़ा (huqqā(Devanagari)حقّہ (Nastaleeq), IPA: [ˈɦʊqːa]; also see other names),[1][2] also known as the qalyān (Persianقلیان‎) or shisha, is a single- or multi-stemmed instrument for heating or vaporizing and then smoking either tobaccoflavored tobacco (often Mu‘assel), or sometimes cannabishashish, and in the past opium. The smoke is passed through a water basin—often glass-based—before inhalation.[3][4][5][6]

The health risks of smoking through a hookah include exposure to toxic chemicals that are not filtered out by the water[7] and risk of infectious disease when hookahs are shared.

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